Robert Sterling Hollabaugh, Jr. M.D., FACS

Birth control is an issue that every couple considers throughout the course of their relationship. A variety of options exist, and at various phases of a relationship, one method may be preferred over another. When couples decide that they want permanent birth control, the decision is usually between a vasectomy in the man or a tubal ligation in the female. Both of these are permanent methods of birth control and are equally effective, but a vasectomy is a much lower-risk procedure.

Vasectomy is a surgery that will block the the sperm so that they cannot reach the outside world. Overall, there is no real change that is sensed after vasectomy. Semen is still ejaculated with orgasm; however, there is no sperm in the semen. Everything else about the penis and testicle remain the same. Vasectomy does not affect orgasm sensation, or penile sensitivity or erection. Testosterone production isn’t affected, so there is no change in libido, voice, hair pattern, or muscle mass. There’s no evidence that vasectomy causes any future health-related problems.

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